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SCVTV's Community Corner | SCVTV’s Community Corner: Unity of Community Episode

Uploaded 11/13/2020

SCVTV’s Community Corner: Unity of Community Episode

This special episode of SCVTV’s Community Corner is dedicated to the remembrance of Gracie Anne Muehlberger and Dominic Michael Blackwell, victims of the Saugus High School shooting that transpired one year ago. Hosts Dave Caldwell and Carrie Lujan talk to Hart District Superintendent Mike Kuhlman, Saugus High Principal Vince Ferry, and Counselor Marty Fricke about the upcoming Unity of Community event, a virtual program meant to bring people together to remember Gracie and Dominic. Carrie and Dave also talk to Jeffrey Lumaya, Mellissa Salazar, and Monica Dedhia for a panel to discuss tools to maintain mental health and what you can do to seek help for yourself and your loved ones. Carrie and Dave interview Saugus students Rick Hand and Jacob Conard to hear all about how they put together the Unity of Community virtual program, the challenges they faced, and what they’ve learned. Lastly, they share some words that students have left for the community, as well as messages shared from around the world for the victims that have suffered from the tragic event.

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