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SCV 101 | Suzette Valladares, California State Assembly Member

Uploaded 12/09/2020

Suzette Valladares, California State Assembly Member

Episode 66

Guest: Suzette Valladares

Taped: December 4, 2020

On this episode of SCV 101, Bill Miranda talks with State Assembly Member Suzette Valladares about her feelings after winning her election, where she grew up and her past experiences, and what she plans to do to make a difference in California.

About the host

City Councilman Bill Miranda has hosted the radio program on KHTS, "Leadership Starts with You," and the television program on SCVTV, "Our Valley Santa Clarita." He is a recipient of a State of California resolution proclaiming his exemplary achievements in business and community service.

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1 Comment for SCV 101: Suzette Valladares, California State Assembly Member
  1. DH says:

    Wow. What a fluff piece. Not one real question was asked on how the Assemblywoman-elect would effect any change in the assembly. Which is probably good. She doesn’t appear to have any real presence or speaking ability. Just another political hack. She doesn’t even live in her own distrct. What do you expect from Miranda? We should be asking him about the plan to put apartments in our open spaces.

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