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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Finding Art From Home: Beck and Col

Uploaded 01/27/2021

Finding Art From Home: Beck and Col

Performance and video artist duo Beck and Col Stafford unite handmade textiles, interactive performance, and engaging visuals to create multi-dimensional pieces that both entertain and inspire commentary on some of the most important societal issues facing humanity today.

Bringing together their backgrounds in multiple mediums, Beck and Col have created multiple pieces that range from live performance to live-action animation. They have recently produced two multi-media and multi-tiered performances, each commenting on a range of issues from “the alienation of capital and the further atomization of the individual” as seen in “The Revolting Lumpen!” series, to “America’s greatest export: violence” in “The Monstern!” series.

Here’s what Beck and Col say about their work:

“Through costume-based performance and video, we utilize a monstrous form to reflect the horror of humanity’s actions. The destructive nature of the phantasmagorical figures are violent personifications embodying the parasitic core of our socioeconomic system–the over consumption and exploitation of the world’s biodiversity through ‘opportunistic trans-species commodification of Life that is the logic of advanced capitalism.'”

Beck and Col both grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley. To see more from Beck and Col, or to find out about their upcoming pieces, visit; you can also follow them on Instagram, @beckandcol.

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