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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Public Art Piece ‘California Scape’ at Fair Oaks Park

Uploaded 02/17/2021

Public Art Piece ‘California Scape’ at Fair Oaks Park

“California Scape”, a public art piece in Fair Oaks Park in Canyon Country, is a 10,000-pound limestone sculpture inspired by the rolling hills and landscapes of the Santa Clarita Valley, while also inspiring observers to interact with its shape as it provides a space for rest and relaxation within its hills and valleys.

The piece was created by Forma Studio, a group of three California-based artists — Karen Kitayama, Sixto Cordero and Luisel Zayas — who were chosen to complete the project. The piece began as a 2018 Arts Commission work plan and project proposal and was completed and unveiled in October 2020.

With a round cutout in its center, allowing for a Chinese flame tree to grow within it, “California Scape” was designed to be both an extension of the natural landscape of the SCV as well as a retreat for park patrons.

Fair Oaks Park is located at 17468 Honey Maple Street in Canyon Country.

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