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Around Town | Music in Film: The Composer’s Role | New Heights

Uploaded 03/20/2021

Music in Film: The Composer’s Role | New Heights

Panelist will discuss the various roles of a composer for film, television, theatre and more. Learn how composers create music for various genres, produce compositions, scores, and arrangements. Composers on this virtual panel will explore and define the use of music in productions to create the mood, atmosphere, dramatic effect, character emotion, pace and action, foreshadowing, and more.

Meet the Panelists:
DARA TAYLOR has emerged as a fresh voice in the world of scoring music to picture as evidenced by her score to the upcoming Lionsgate comedy “Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar.” Her credits include “Echo Boomers,” the Netflix series “Bookmarks,” the docu-series “Trial By Media,” the independent film “Turner Risk” and the Karen Allen-starred film “Colewell.” In 2019, she won the Hollywood Music in Media award for her work in “Colewell.” CRISTINA “TRINITY” VELEZ-JUSTO is a public speaker, educator and an award-winning composer for film and media through her business ReelScoring, LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through film festivals including SXSW and academic institutions, Trinity educates filmmakers and students on the psychology and significance of music in film and how to successfully work with a composer. EDITH MUDGE is a composer/producer based out of Los Angeles, California. To date, her music has been placed in 1688 episodes of 499 series. Due to her rigorous 3-year training at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions and Bleeding Fingers, and 2-years of full-time composing at Jingle Punks, Edith has acquired a comprehensive set of musical, technical and collaborative skills.

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