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SoundCheck | Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 1: Performances from CJ May, COOK

Uploaded 03/24/2022

Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 1: Performances from CJ May, COOK

Soundcheck is back and this brand new episode features exciting performances from two great groups; tune in to hear the electric stylings of CJ May, as well as the surf rock, groovy tunes of the trio COOK.

Soundcheck is SCVTV’s music show that highlights Santa Clarita Valley musicians and their original music. Soundcheck aims to showcase up-and-coming performers who are locally based; for Season 3, the artists have been performing outdoors at the scenic and historic property, the Rancho Camulos Museum. Past seasons of Soundcheck have showcased the artists’ performances in a live concert setting at The MAIN in Newhall–Season 1–and in a virtual format–Season 2. To see more from Soundcheck, visit

This episode of Soundcheck is brought to you in part by Impulse Music Co. To see more from Impulse Music Co., visit their website; you can also follow them on Facebook at “Impulse Music Co.”, on Instagram, “” and on TikTok at “impulsedude”.

Here’s more about this episode’s featured musicians:

CJ May: Playing guitar since his youth, CJ May combines a mix of blues, jazz, and hard rock in his playing style, along with a smooth vocal delivery. Accompanied by Chet Nordskog on Drums and Drew Dearwater on Bass, the group delivers a memorable performance when they hit the stage. His recent EP “White Trash” was released late 2020. The Four song EP features, “Little Thing”, and “Lost and Profound: @cjmaymusic.

COOK: ​​COOK is a Los Angeles-based trio, composed of members Tommy Sweet (drums), Karson Gibson (guitar), and Garrett Bower (bass). Together, the band blends elements of high-energy funk, surf, and a multitude of various other genres of music, creating a psychedelic stir-fry that leaves you wanting more. Let’s get cookin’!

(c) 2022 SCVTV
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