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SoundCheck | Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 3: Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean

Uploaded 06/02/2022

Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 3: Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean

Soundcheck’s brand new episode presents performances from the Rock ‘n’ Funktry gang of The Conscious Outlaws and the electric punk rock group Cosmic Ocean; each band plays three original songs in live, recorded performances at the SCVTV studio.

Soundcheck is SCVTV’s music show that highlights Santa Clarita Valley – locally based – musicians and their original music. Soundcheck aims to showcase up-and-coming performers who are locally based. Past seasons of Soundcheck have showcased the artists’ performances in a live concert setting at The MAIN in Newhall–Season 1–and in a virtual format–Season 2, and for Season 3, the artists performed outdoors at the scenic and historic property, the Rancho Camulos Museum. Season 4 of Soundcheck is being filmed inside the SCVTV Community Media Center studio.

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Here’s more about this episode’s featured musicians:

The Conscious Outlaws: The Conscious Outlaws are a Rock ‘n’ Funktry band with members hailing from L.A., the Bay Area, Chicago, and all the way out there in Sweden. The Band was formed at the Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood, where three of the four members are graduates. Inspired by classic rock like The Rolling Stones and AC/DC, The Conscious Outlaws also infuse their love of modern funk to craft their signature sound. Find The Conscious Outlaws on Spotify, Instagram as “@TheConsciousOutlaws”, and on their website

Cosmic Ocean: What started as a joke between five high school friends in 2013 became an inspired project to write and release music. After an album release in 2015 (under the name Out of Time), and a few local gigs in 2019, the band realized themselves as Cosmic Ocean in 2020 and are looking forward to a bright future. With a line up of close friends, each member offers a completely different sonic pallet that motivates an exciting songwriting spark, which will shine for a long time. Check out their newest album, “Through the Farthest Space”, now available on all streaming platforms and on CD. Find Cosmic Ocean on Spotify, on Instagram as “@CosmicOceanBand”, and on their website

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1 Comment for Soundcheck: Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 3: Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean
  1. Sky says:

    Whoever booked the Conscious Outlaws… good job.

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