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SCVTV's Community Corner | SCVTV’s Community Corner: SCV Senior Center

Uploaded 06/29/2022

SCVTV’s Community Corner: SCV Senior Center

SCVTV’s Community Corner, hosts Dave Caldwell and Carrie Lujan chat with the SCV Senior Center’s very own Kevin MacDonald to give us the details on this year’s Celebrity Waiter Dinner and where people can go to make sure they participate in this community favorite event!

Taped: June 23rd

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2 Comments for SCVTV's Community Corner: SCVTV’s Community Corner: SCV Senior Center
  1. Gloria Adams says:

    Why is the senior center dragging their feet sooooo long for activities and trips
    that are so necessary for so many seniors in this city. Pay people to plan instead of always relying on volenteers all the time. I know there is
    enough money to do these things. Please get on the director of the Valencia facility to get going once again. Thank you…..

    • Leon Worden says:

      Valencia facility? There is one SCV Senior Center, and it’s on Golden Valley Road … perhaps you mean a different entity?

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