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SoundCheck | Behind-the-Scenes of Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 4

Uploaded 08/26/2022

Behind-the-Scenes of Soundcheck Season 4, Episode 4

See the making of Soundcheck’s latest episode, featuring performances from Blue Dive and Cloud Seeker, in this behind-the-scenes spotlight.

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Soundcheck is SCVTV’s music show that highlights Santa Clarita Valley – locally based – musicians and their original music. Soundcheck aims to showcase up-and-coming performers who are locally based. Past seasons of Soundcheck have showcased the artists’ performances in a live concert setting at The MAIN in Newhall–Season 1–and in a virtual format–Season 2, and for Season 3, the artists performed outdoors at the scenic and historic property, the Rancho Camulos Museum. Season 4 of Soundcheck is being filmed inside the SCVTV Community Media Center studio.

This episode of Soundcheck is brought to you in part by Impulse Music Co. To see more from Impulse Music Co., visit their website; you can also follow them on Facebook at “Impulse Music Co.”, on Instagram, “” and on TikTok at “impulsedude”.

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Here’s more about this episode’s featured musicians:

Blue Dive: Emo, pop-punk newcomers Bluedive came together in mid-2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It began with three teens who found themselves stuck at home with time on their hands and looking for a way to channel their boredom into creativity. Based in Santa Clarita, the band delivers energetic pop-punk while straddling alternative indie rock with an emo edge. They have self-produced and self-released one EP and two single songs that have already garnered airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Garage “Coolest Songs in the World” on SiriusXM and The New Music Food Truck and played sold-out rooms at LA’s venue The Smell and Santa Clarita’s Impulse Music’s Stage Door. Bluedive is made up of Aidan Dixon on vocals and guitar, Riff Gordon on drums, and Sebastian Landa on bass. Follow them on Instagram at “bluediveband” and on Spotify under “Bluedive”.

Cloud Seeker: Initially a solo project created in 2013 for Chris Scott’s electronic music, Cloud Seeker, after releasing the project’s first two singles, would evolve into a duo composed of former featured artist, Aaron Howles, and Scott. Together they combined their eclectic blend of rock, pop, and electronic music to create a unique style of indie pop-rock. From there, the duo would yet again change the musical direction of Cloud Seeker, recruiting drummer Aaron Munoz and bassist Rees Cawley into the band. Cloud Seeker would go on to embrace a blend of pop-punk and 90s alternative with a focus on bigger-than-life production and compact yet full songwriting. Follow them on Instagram at “cloud_seekers” or on Spotify under “Cloud Seeker”.

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