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Santa Clarita Valley 4th of July Parade

Monday, July 4, 2022, in Old Town Newhall


(Read them; rules have changed for 2018)

  1. All entries participate at the sole discretion of the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee.
  2. To be eligible for an award, the entry must complete the entire parade route. In addition, entries will be judged only if the "yes" box is checked on the entry form. All decisions of the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee judges shall be final.
  3. Once you enter the line of march, there is ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING along the parade route for any reason — with ONE exception. Entries that have indicated they want to be judged may stop to perform for NO MORE THAN 20 SECONDS in front of the judges stand. Entries that stop in front of announcer stations, or anywhere else along the parade route, are subject to disqualification and removal from the parade.
  4. NO THROWING CANDY OR GIFTS and no shooting spectators with Silly String or water (Super Soakers, etc.). These actions are prohibited by city ordinance [read it here], which WILL BE ENFORCED by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Violators are subject to disqualification and ejection from the parade. If you want to distribute candy or other items to spectators, someone from your entry must walk alongside the crowd and HAND it to them. No balls are allowed on the parade route for safety reasons.
  5. Violators of the no-throwing rule (or shooting water etc.) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FOLLOWING YEAR'S FOURTH OF JULY PARADE or any other parade held in the interim.
  6. The lead vehicle (or rider, etc.) of each entry must display the entry number — which you receive at registration — in the front right corner of the windshield (or right sleeve of a garment). Failure to properly display the entry number is grounds for disqualification from judging.
  7. Children under age 10 must ride — not walk or march — in the parade and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. It is simply too hot and the parade route is too long for young children to walk. Riding in a vehicle is preferred; "riding" can also mean a bicycle, scooter or similar conveyance, but in such instances, a vehicle must follow/accompany the entry for emergency purposes. It is strongly advised that all participants bring water, especially for children and seniors.
  8. Under age 18, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for all riders of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, scooters (motorized or not), motorcycles, etc.; age 18 and older, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR MOTORCYCLES and strongly encouraged for all other human-powered modes of conveyance. ALL LAWS relating to helmet use will be enforced by the Sheriff's Department. Violators are subject to disqualification and ejection from the parade.
  9. EACH individual parade participant must sign a Liability Waiver. In the case of a minor, a parent or guardian must sign. The Liability Waiver must be submitted at check-in on parade day. It can be submitted earlier by mail (SCV Fourth of July Parade / P.O. Box 802993 / Santa Clarita CA 91380). NO PERSON MAY PARTICIPATE IN THE PARADE WITHOUT A SIGNATURE ON FILE.
  10. Parade check-in opens at 6 a.m. at the Veteran's Historical Plaza. Registration closes PROMPTLY AT 7:30 AM. Late arrivals (after 7:30 a.m.) cannot be accommodated. (Equestrian entries check in at Hart Park and must be ready for inspection at 7:30 a.m.)
  11. Horses must be PICKED UP ON 16TH STREET after the parade. They cannot return to Hart Park. (Trailers park on 16th Street after dropping off equestiran units at Hart Park before the parade.)
  12. Entries that are purely commercial in nature, are limited to three vehicles and will not be broken up (i.e., all cars from the same business will be placed together). Commercial units that are merely appearing in support of, AND in conjunction with, a separate charitable organization, are exempt from this rule. However, no single entry shall have more than 12 vehicles. If you have more than 12 vehicles, you must complete a separate entry form for each multiple of 12, and pay separate registration fees for each entry. (13-24 vehicles? Two entry forms and double fees. 25-36 vehicles? Three entry forms and triple fees. And so forth.) Related entries will not necessarily be placed together in the line of march.
  13. Notwithstanding the above limitations, entries are limited to the number of vehicles you indicate on your entry form. Excess vehicles that show up on parade day will not be allowed to join the entry. Upon approval of the Parade Committee, the excess vehicles may be accommodated as a separate (additional) entry and placed at the back of the parade. In such instance, the additional entry/ies would be subject to late entry fees.
  14. Entries that are deemed political in nature (except those of a political office holder, candidate or recognized political party), or which are deemed inappropriate by the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee, are subject to disqualification and/or ejection from the parade.
  15. No consumption of alcohol or any controlled substance without a legitimate prescription in any Parade area (including but not limited to Pre-Parade and Post-Parade areas) during the Parade (commencing with the opening of Parade registration), except to the extent that alcohol sales may be sanctioned in a Post-Parade area. The Sheriff's Department will enforce all laws.
  16. Stallions are not permitted to participate in the parade. Mares and geldings only.
  17. Equestrian units check in and stage in front of the Saugus Train Station inside Heritage Junction/Hart Park. They must be ready for a safety inspection at 7:30 a.m. After unloading at Hart Park, trailers must park on 16th Street for loading upon completion of the parade route.
  18. Distribution, by sale or gift, except by a licensed veterinarian, of controlled substances for horses or livestock is illegal and will result in automatic disqualification and ejection from the parade. Violators may also be subject to permanent exclusion from all future parades organized by the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee.
  19. Entries may not double back along the parade route while the parade is in progress.
  20. The following transgressions, as determined solely by the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee, will result in a minimum one-year suspension from the parade: Violation of any rules; failure and/or refusal to follow instructions of SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee members on parade day; rudeness; vulgarity; misbehavior. In other words, violators will not be allowed to participate in the following year's parade(s) and may be subject to even harsher penalties.

SCV 4th of July Parade | PO Box 802993 | Santa Clarita, CA 91380-2993