Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade

(Including General Release and Covenant Not to Sue)


Print out and read this entire document. Insert the name of your organization as indicated in Section 1. Instruct each person associated with your entry (parent or guardian, for a minor) to complete and sign in the appropriate spaces at the bottom. Return the signed and completed form(s) with the rest of your Parade Entry Forms and your entry fee. If you cannot get all the necessary signatures prior to the Parade, complete the form as best you can and send it in. Print out extra copies of this form and collect the additional signatures prior to the Parade. Turn them in when you check in on Parade day.

IN CONSIDERATION of being granted a position as an entrant and/or permission to participate in the SANTA CLARITA FOURTH OF JULY PARADE, (the "Parade"), or on behalf of a minor child, the undersigned agrees and states as follows:

  1. The undersigned is aware of and understands the inherent risks, hazards and dangers associated with parade participation (which are printed below and incorporated herein as though appearing above the signature of the undersigned) and, notwithstanding that the actual conditions at the Parade may pose more or less risks, hazards and dangers than those so enumerated, the undersigned nevertheless elects, voluntarily, to enter and/or participate in the Parade on the terms, conditions and covenants set forth herein. In this regard, the undersigned, for himself/herself/itself and for his/her/its heirs, successors, assignees, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby releases, waives, discharges, covenants not to sue and agrees to hold harmless the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee; all Parade volunteers, employees and/or representatives; the City of Santa Clarita; the County of Los Angeles; the Greater SCV Optimist Club; SCVTV; Santa Clarita Public Television Authority; the providers of official parade vehicles; and


    and each of them, as well as their officers, directors, agents, volunteers and employees; from all liability for any and all causes and claims of every type and nature whatsoever, including but not limited to property damage, injury to person and/or death, or otherwise, without limitation, arising out of or alleged to be arising out of the conduct of the Parade, the pre-Parade formation, staging, placement, judging, organizational meetings, post-Parade ceremonies and any other Parade event sanctioned by the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee.

  2. The undersigned hereby promises that the state of his or her physical health (if this release is on behalf of an individual), or the physical health of the persons representing the undersigned in this Parade (if this release is on behalf of an organization) will, on the day of the Parade, be sufficiently sound to permit such person(s) to safely participate. If such person(s) will be handling any animal, motorized vehicle, apparatus, device, firearm, or other thing in the Parade, he/she/they is/are possessed of sufficient experience in doing so such that the life, limb or property of self and others will not be exposed to unreasonable risk of harm.

  3. The undersigned is aware that the Parade is telecast on public television in the Santa Clarita Valley and in electronic form on the Internet (the "Parade Telecast"), and understands that by participating in the Parade, the undersigned (or his/her minor child) is likely to appear in the Parade Telecast. The undersigned hereby grants his/her consent to the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee and any producer, co-producer or presenter of the Parade Telecast, in perpetuity, to display the likeness of the undersigned (or his/her minor child) in the Parade Telecast and in any related promotional use.

  4. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS READ AND UNDERSTANDS THIS RELEASE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE IN ITS ENTIRETY AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNS SAME, without reliance on any representations, statements or inducements, express or implied, made by any party whomsoever.


Parades involve inherent risks, hazards and conditions that may be dangerous to life, limb and property and that can arise in an incalculable variety of unforeseeable or foreseeable ways which may include (as examples, but not necessarily as a complete list) the following: The presence and use of horses and other animals, motor vehicles, machinery, firearms, floats, fireworks, acrobats, projectiles, aerial demonstrations, baton twirling, wind, rain, hail and other forces of the elements, and other threats to life and limb, such as the possibility of slipping and falling and complications associated with weather conditions and physical exertion (such as heat stroke, fainting, collapse, exhaustion or other more serious complications).


By my signature, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Liability Waiver. (Parent, if signing for a minor.)
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SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee