Apple TV Support


Apple TV with SCVTV app opened.

How do I watch SCVTV on my Apple TV?

Go to the App Store for Apple TV and search for SCVTV. Download the app. Open to watch the channel live.


Does it cost money to watch?

No, the channel is free to view.


Can I view SCVTV on my Apple TV?

Any Apple TV that supports the App Store will allow you download the SCVTV App and watch live. Currently the two models of Apple TVs that support this are the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.


My Apple TV does not support the App Store. Can I still watch on my older Apple TV?

Yes, with some additional steps. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Mac go to the live stream available on our website in Safari and you will be able to play the live channel. You can then AirPlay it to your older Apple TV.

If you do not own any of these devices, you can still view SCVTV on channel 20 with TimeWarner, channel 99 with AT&T U-verse, and at

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