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Philip Scorza's Points of Interest | Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott

Uploaded 07/01/1996

Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott

On this episode of “Points Of Interest,” Ridge Route historian Harrison Scott tells producer Philip Scorza all about the “road that united California.” Plus: Scorza explores the road that went through part of the ridge before there was a paved route – namely Beale’s Cut.

Video 1996.


(c)1996/2016 Philip Scorza | SCVTV
3 Comments for Philip Scorza's Points of Interest: Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott
  1. Rick Daly says:

    Almost everyone that used this pass , entered with full intention of Growth, then the Mulholland water warrior totally got the ball rolling . Now look at what it is ! All the beautiful areas around Los Angeles are completely destroyed ! And Newhall Land and Development isn’t done yet , there’s still some hills to be shaved off and thousands more homes to build for the completion of the destruction,next they’ll be blowing up the San Gabriel’s for more Growth . Absolutely Disgusting and nothing to be proud of !

  2. tom says:

    Beale wasn’t a hero. He was a corrupt public official and an Indian murderer.

    • jack says:

      If I remember correctly that is the reason why there are no longer any placards on those monument markers. I believe that they where removed when people became aware of the way he made the cut. With Chinese slave labor if I’m not mistaken. I vaguely remember them being removed after some people made a real stink about it back in the late 70’s. I think they where taken down officially as opposed to being stolen or vandalized.

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