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Philip Scorza's Points of Interest | Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott

Uploaded 07/01/1996

Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott

On this episode of “Points Of¬†Interest,” Ridge Route historian Harrison Scott tells producer Philip Scorza all about the “road that united California.” Plus: Scorza explores the road that went through part of the ridge before there was a paved route – namely Beale’s Cut.

Video 1996.


(c)1996/2016 Philip Scorza | SCVTV
3 Comments for Philip Scorza's Points of Interest: Beale’s Cut and the Ridge Route with Harrison Scott
  1. Rick Daly says:

    Almost everyone that used this pass , entered with full intention of Growth, then the Mulholland water warrior totally got the ball rolling . Now look at what it is ! All the beautiful areas around Los Angeles are completely destroyed ! And Newhall Land and Development isn’t done yet , there’s still some hills to be shaved off and thousands more homes to build for the completion of the destruction,next they’ll be blowing up the San Gabriel’s for more Growth . Absolutely Disgusting and nothing to be proud of !

  2. tom says:

    Beale wasn’t a hero. He was a corrupt public official and an Indian murderer.

    • jack says:

      If I remember correctly that is the reason why there are no longer any placards on those monument markers. I believe that they where removed when people became aware of the way he made the cut. With Chinese slave labor if I’m not mistaken. I vaguely remember them being removed after some people made a real stink about it back in the late 70’s. I think they where taken down officially as opposed to being stolen or vandalized.

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