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Philip Scorza Explores | Newhall & Saugus Locations in 1954’s ‘Suddenly’ with Frank Sinatra

Uploaded 07/01/2010

Newhall & Saugus Locations in 1954’s ‘Suddenly’ with Frank Sinatra

Santa Clarita Valley historian Philip Scorza explores Newhall and Saugus locations in “Suddenly” (United Artists, 1954) starring Frank Sinatra.

ALSO: Watch the full movie

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7 Comments for Philip Scorza Explores: Newhall & Saugus Locations in 1954’s ‘Suddenly’ with Frank Sinatra
  1. Belva Woody Perry says:

    Thank you! Dad owned the Chevron station across from Hart Park. Mom worked at Hubbard’s Dry Goods it was great to see it. Great memories.

  2. sandi douglas says:

    My dad had Tex Williams Village on San Fernando Road outside of town.I miss home!

  3. James Ross says:

    Well then, I will have to stroll through Newhall in my “Frank Sinatra tribute” look singing “Suddenly”. I am already in a Volkswagen GTI commercial, being one of 8 selected off YouTube singing ” My Way”!!

  4. Jeff Wheat says:

    Very nicely done. I really enjoyed the modern day comparisons to the film locations used.

  5. This film was full of wonderful memories of my life which I always felt were boring. Sleepy little town, etc. Now I would like to see it again!

  6. Lisa Parrish says:

    The Frank Sinatra movie Suddenly was filmed in Newhall and Saugus. Here is a short film that intersperses clips with today’s locales.

  7. Anna Di Masi Riggs says:

    Hi Philip, my name is Anna. We opened an Italian club in Santa Clarita in 2014. Our mission is to share the Italian culture with anyone interested. You can contact me for any additional info. 661-645-7877

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