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SCVTV Sports | Griffin Scott, Hart High School

Uploaded 10/19/2012

Griffin Scott, Hart High School

This week’s Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week is Griffin Scott of Hart.  Griffin has a 3.86 GPA, scored a 27 on the ACT and is awaiting his SAT scores.  His favorite subject is math, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to become an engineer.

“I like figuring out stuff,” Griffin said.  “I like having a definitive answer for everything and not just like a theory of what this could mean or that could mean.  So I like math a lot.”

A three-year varsity football starter at outside linebacker and a four-year varsity swimming specializing in the 50 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly, sports are his passion.  So his aspiration is to become a sportscaster.

“I just love sports,” he said.  “I’ve loved them since I was a little kid, I love talking about (sports).  Usually I talk more about sports than people want to hear about, so I figured why not make a career out of it.  I look at the College Game Day crew (Saturdays on ESPN) and stuff like that and I’m like, ‘I want to be that.’

As good a football player as Griffin is, he may be a better swimmer.  Every day after football practice, he can be found in the pool with the Canyons Aquatics Club swimming laps for an hour-and-a-half.  He has given up baseball and show choir in this his senior year to concentrate on swimming.

“I want to swim in college,” Griffin said.  “Swimming is my other sport.  And so I am looking at the University of Indianapolis, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo and Texas Christian University.”

And while he’s not interested in living outside of California as an adult, he looks at going out of state to college for the experience.

“I mean it’s California, so why would anyone want to live anywhere else?”  he said.  “I might as well go for four years, see the rest of the country, see what everything’s like, so I figured college was a good time to do that.”

Congratulations to Griffin Scott of Hart High School, the Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week.

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