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SCVTV Sports | Jasmin Dimson, Valencia High School

Uploaded 01/11/2013

Jasmin Dimson, Valencia High School

This week’s Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week is Jasmin Dimson of Valencia girls basketball. Jasmin has a 4.3 GPA and scored 27 on the ACT. According to this 5-foot-6 guard, a student’s schoolwork is a reflection of who they are.

“It’s important because I think that you need to try hard in everything you do,” Jasmin said. “You need to do well in school to become a well-rounded person.”

Even though she has applied to UC-Irvine, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Santa Cruz and UCLA, she still wants to play basketball. Combining her athletic skills with her academic success narrows the field to just one ideal choice — Occidental College.

“I actually applied early decision to Occidental because if I get in I’m playing basketball there,” she said.

Whatever school she attends, her plans are to study science with her hope to go to graduate school to become an optometrist.

“It’s just what I want to do,” Jasmin said when asked why Optometry.

It’s not surprising who she points to when asked if she had someone inspiring her for achievement.

“Both my parents,” Jasmin said. “They just always tell me to try my best in everything I do.”

Congratulations to Jasmin Dimson of Valencia High School, the Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week.

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