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Saugus Union School District | Rosedell Drama Club to Perform “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

Uploaded 05/28/2013

Rosedell Drama Club to Perform “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and more of your favorite underwater characters took to the stage at Rosedell Elementary School in Saugus.

The Rosedell Drama club hosted three public performances of The Little Mermaid Jr.

The 2-hour musical is the culmination of months of preparation by dozens of 4th 5th and 6th graders who participate in an after school theater enrichment program.

“We know what it does for the children,” said Marian Urkank, director and producer. “I tell them even if you never get on another stage to sing, dance or act, you’re going to be in front of people giving speeches in high school, in college, and perhaps in your professional life.”

Tickets went on sale at Rosedell Elementary an hour before each show, which was held in the school’s multi-purpose room. All of the money raised went toward the Rosedell Drama Club program to purchase props and equipment such as microphones and lights.

7 Comments for Saugus Union School District: Rosedell Drama Club to Perform “The Little Mermaid Jr.”
  1. Erin King says:

    This brought back such wonderful memories from when I was a student at Rosedell in Miss Urdank’s class. <3

  2. Please don’t apologize. .. my two daughters.~ age 29 and 23 received amazing educations from Rosedell….

  3. What? They performed this back in May at the end of the school year! Y r u posting this know????????

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