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Uploaded 07/24/2013

Scoliosis Care

July 24, 2013

Host: Karena Thek
Co-Host:  Crystal Lacy Edwards

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Join host Karena Lineback for “Alive & Well,” where the most informed minds come to teach us about living healthy.


President of Pilates Teck Inc., Karena is a retired professional dancer who knows all about using Pilates — and movement in general — to tone, strengthen and heal injuries. Through her dance career, she is also well versed in every false diet plan on the planet — which led her to become certified in nutrition to discover the truth about food.

On “Alive & Well” enables Karena to teach a larger audience than her one-on-one work allows, while interviewing the most outstanding voices in the field of health. Her passion and specialty is working with people who have special needs due to injury or chronic conditions.

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