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This Week in Santa Clarita: Groundbreaking: Newhall Roundabout

Uploaded 08/02/2013

Groundbreaking: Newhall Roundabout

Construction is underway for a new roundabout project in Old Town Newhall.

“Our traffic engineers have gone over this thoroughly and we know it’s going to help with traffic flow and help with pedestrian safety,” Mayor Bob Kellar said.

17 Comments for This Week in Santa Clarita: Groundbreaking: Newhall Roundabout
  1. He’s an idiot. He believes that what he says, everyone will agree..LETS VOTE HIM OUT

  2. Why don’t we get a vote in this! That roundabout at Hasley canyon is very confusing and dangerous. Almost got into an accident there a couple of times. Stop wasting our tax payer dollars on this. There’s nothing wrong with the intersection as it is!

  3. Better have uninsured motorist insurance.Roundabout in that neighborhood is a unisured motorist accident waiting to happen.

  4. Roundabouts are horribly confusing & in my opinion just an accident waiting to happen!

  5. I hate roundabouts. I moved away from Castaic and back to Michigan in 2004 and every time I go back I have to navigate that blasted roundabout. They are idiotic.

  6. Helen Dillon Helen Dillon says:

    Sounds like a disastrous plan. Will just be a lot of confusion and accidents will abound!

  7. Mitch Bower Mitch Bower says:

    They have benches or you could picnic in the park.

  8. Roundabouts are proven to reduce accidents and improve the flow of traffic. They are rapidly taking over the east coast/mid atlantic and willcsoon be the norm here for new construction.

  9. Will it save the lives of ‘proud racists’ only?

  10. What happens in that roundabout when the train stops the traffic on southbound Railroad a few hundred yards away? A roundabout traffic jam? Just sayin’…

  11. This is going to be a nightmare!!

  12. Bill Graham Bill Graham says:

    will there be bleachers ?….be fun to watch

    • Uttambeauty says:

      That is such a lovely thing to do, I did lasnncapidg with my uncle at a retirement village under construction we did about 7 gardens a day in the middle of summer it got the point where i nealry passed out from the heat and exertion :) (Y) so good job

  13. tell him SAVE BILLYS

  14. Uuugh! That’s an accident waiting to happen! Hate the round about in castaic

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