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SCV Historical Society | Moving Saugus Train Station (Raw Video 1980)

Uploaded 08/06/2013

Moving Saugus Train Station (Raw Video 1980)

June 24, 1980

Raw Archive Footage — No Sound

To rescue it from demolition, the Saugus Train Station was moved 2-1/2 miles from its original location onBouquet Canyon Road to Heritage Junction Historic Park in Newhall. Ruth Newhall is driving the car in the opening sequence.

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6 Comments for SCV Historical Society: Moving Saugus Train Station (Raw Video 1980)
  1. Kamily says:

    This is a rather intnrestieg event. Typically high pressure of this magnitude is associated with an arctic air mass coming down from the Yukon. A 1045 mb High isn’t very unusual over the Canadian prairie. But in this instance, the high pressure actually developed over the eastern Pacific and moved into the Pac NW. It is a reflection of the strength of the ridge of high pressure aloft.

  2. Anna White says:

    I would like to purchase a copy of this video. My Husband, Lee White was in this video. I recently lost him July 26,2013. I was watching Ghost Adventures, and seen 4-6 seconds of video and could not believe my eyes. I replayed it over and over again I was in shock. Then my niece called me today and found your video. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you, Anna White

  3. MCCRACKEN, BILL says:


  4. Our 4th grade class dud fund raising for This;)

  5. awesome stuff you guys have a great archive of old footage thanks for that!

  6. Scott Lynch Scott Lynch says:

    I remember making collections/donations for this via Saugus Elementary School

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