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Newhall Roundabout Progress

Newhall Roundabout Progress

Uploaded 08/16/2013

By: City of Santa Clarita
Behind the cones progress of the Newhall Roundabout construction.

27 Comments for Photo Gallery: Newhall Roundabout Progress
  1. Aaron Gomez says:

    I’m more worried about what the Berry Petroleum company is
    doing on Sierra Hwy and Placerita Canyon. I live in Newhall, but go
    to GVHS, which means I breathe Berry Petroleum air 24/7. Our
    newspaper or scvTV doesn’t cover what their doing, so everytime I
    pass by their operation I just have to trust that I’m breathing
    unpolluted air. I’d appreciate some transparency, c’mon local news,
    get us some coverage.

  2. Pete Divall Pete Divall says:

    Roundabouts are a breeze. If it is clear you go, if it isn’t, you wait. They have them all over Europe and they work fine. Don’t pay any attention to the “sky is falling” crowd. They are also scared of buttons and shoelaces…

  3. I’m fine with it. If a roundabout is too confusing, I wonder how anyone ever passed Driver’s Ed in the first place.

    After this, all that needs to be done is widening Newhall to 4 lanes at the railroad crossing so 2 lanes go straight, and 2 turn onto Railroad. Then flow in that area should finally be good to go. Oh, and please keep the 2 left turn lanes at Railroad/Lyons.

  4. I love that a Roundabout is going in. After reading up on them, (and it seems many of these negative comments come from people that didn’t bother) I agree with the city’s decision to put one in this location.

  5. Joe Nocella Joe Nocella says:

    This is just as stupid eliminating a lane in each direction on a major street so that the City can put in a bike lane on a steep hill.

  6. John Heys John Heys says:

    Yeah the one in Castaic is sooooo awesome. …

  7. If you are confused about a roundabout then I worry about you being on the road with me in all other circumstances too.

  8. The city has a bad track record on traffic engineering. Wrong way parking spots in downtown Newhall? Conversion of Decoro to 2 LANES to make room for bike lanes? But it was all fixed, of course, at a cost. Skeptical that they’ll get the circle right.

  9. It just looks pretty. It’s a pain in the ass to drive around it. It was fine the way it was. Damn traffic!

  10. It makes as much sense as back in parking! Remember that genius idea?

  11. This is an epic example of a city government who clearly has too much time and money on their hands. The one in Castaic is so hard to navigate unless you do it daily. I’m never in the correct lane. Bad idea.

  12. Tyger White Tyger White says:

    I think roundabouts are a great idea for people that are experienced with them and expect them (such as Europeans and people like myself that travel abroad). The ones in Switzerland are very nice and practical. HOWEVER, local drivers cannot successfully navigate these things. Even with the yield signs, they are frigging clueless. For that reason, I think this new roundabout is a HORRIBLE IDEA.

  13. Tyger White What do you think?

  14. Vesta Brown Vesta Brown says:

    Round abouts are not a good traffic solution

  15. I still see people struggling to navigate the circle at the mall near the food court. I will be avoiding this disaster at all cost!!

  16. I drive the one in Castaic several times a day for years and have never seen an accident.

  17. I hate roundabouts!!! The one in Castaic has accidents almost daily..

  18. Roundabouts are awesome, and I’m glad more states are building them, at one time I only saw them in GA!

  19. Roundabouts are fine. There is one by my sons school and it always flows smoothly. This is a great spot too since the majority of the traffic is coming from Newhall Ave. Each car will not have to momentarily stop as they make what used to be a right turn. I know we all love to complain but no complaints from me on this one.

  20. Please tell me this is a joke!!! Not a roundabout!!!! Who makes these decisions?

  21. Terrible idea. I’m always confused when i have to drive around these things, and I worry about senior drivers from the area navigating around this.

    • Tyger White Tyger White says:

      My comment about frigging clueless was not meant as an insult to you or anyone else. It is just a fact that these things are confusing as hell to local drivers. I also agree with your comment about seniors. I worry about that myself….especially since this one is near the Senior Center.

    • I am a Castaic resident that has to traverse a roundabout daily. While I can navigate this just fine most days, there have been a few near misses because of the round about unfamiliarity of the drivers around me. I’m sure there will be a huge learning curve with this round about.

  22. Tanya Parker Tanya Parker says:

    No one wants another confusing roundabout.

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