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Let's Go LA! | Episode 34: Vasquez Rocks

Uploaded 08/23/2013

Episode 34: Vasquez Rocks

In this Episode:

Join Justin Walters and Evangeline Fabia as they explore the spectacular rock formations and a brand new interpretative center at L.A. County’s Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, Calif.

Episode 34 | August 19, 2013

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5 Comments for Let's Go L.A.: Episode 34: Vasquez Rocks
  1. John Conley John Conley says:

    Lots of movies were made here. I have been there myself.

  2. Dusty Morgan Dusty Morgan says:

    Why would Michael Antonovich’ s name be there! What an attention seeker…..

  3. Anne Wilson Anne Wilson says:

    Check out James Eagle Project if you visit!

  4. Donn Miller Donn Miller says:

    Who’s freakin tired of seeing Mike Antonovich’s name all over everything?

  5. Beth Stokes Beth Stokes says:

    Bruce Stokes!!!

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