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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parks Bureau | Castaic Lake Parks Bureau Substation

Uploaded 08/29/2013

Castaic Lake Parks Bureau Substation

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau dedicated a new Substation at Castaic Lake on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.

The Substation, located near the upper lake main launch area, is home to the Marine Patrol Unit in charge of Lake Operations.

With a Federal Department of Homeland Security grant, the Bureau installed a solar powered wireless camera system, which monitors approximately 95 percent of the lake, and two automatic license plate readers at the park entrance.

On Wednesday, the Parks Bureau Dive Team also conducted a demonstration of how a dive for evidence or a body would be handled, using an underwater camera.

3 Comments for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parks Bureau: Castaic Lake Parks Bureau Substation
  1. john q citizen says:

    Invasion of privacy.
    And a waste of taxpayer money!
    How this country can justify spending our money for spying on fishermen, is unbelievable.

  2. You are being watched. Nice

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