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Central Park Phase III Groundbreaking Ceremony

Central Park Phase III Groundbreaking Ceremony

Uploaded 09/17/2013

By: The City of Santa Clarita Flickr
The Santa Clarita City Council broke ground on Phase Three of Central Park, which includes two new, full-size, lighted, multi-use sports fields on 11 acres.
The project will also include 170 new parking stalls, lighted walkways connecting to existing park facilities, an improved running path, irrigation, landscaping and drinking fountains.

2 Comments for Photo Gallery: Central Park Phase III Groundbreaking Ceremony
  1. Oh thats great.. more construction and uprooting the animals that inhabit that area.. and everyone wonders why all this wildlife is coming to our neighborhoods.. Cause the city doesn’t know when to just call it quits and stop ruining the beauty around central park already.. fix the problems on the road and leave the animals habitats alone!

  2. Is great Blue Heat will have a professional field for practice !!

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