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Traveling Vietnam War Wall: Day 2

Traveling Vietnam War Wall: Day 2

Uploaded 09/27/2013

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is at the Westfield Valencia Town Center through Sunday, Sept. 29. In this photo series: Vietnam vets (standing); Bill Reynolds and Chuck Morris (wearing red caps); Bob Danis (playing Taps); Dick Jeffrey (saluting); Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich (at wall).

7 Comments for Photo Gallery: Traveling Vietnam War Wall: Day 2
  1. Dorene Tapp Dorene Tapp says:

    My husband and I were there yesterday. Heart wrenching to realize once again how many young lives were lost and what those who came home have faced. Thank you veterans for fighting for America.

  2. I’m going on Saturday!

  3. She enjoyed speaking with some of the veterans that were there visiting the wall.

  4. My daughter volunteered there last night.

  5. Very little people bright and early this morning but was worth it to be there and read names if some if those who paid the ultimate price.
    Definitely worth the lack of sleep. Everyone should go to pay their respects!

  6. brings tears to my eyes, I remember it well

  7. Jamie Padovich we are going Sunday

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