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Old Town Newhall Main Street Holiday Decorations

Old Town Newhall Main Street Holiday Decorations

Uploaded 11/11/2013

By: The City of Santa Clarita & SCVTV
Main Street in Old Town Newhall was transformed into a winter wonderland as thousands of lights, a 23-foot Christmas Tree, and a lighted Santa were illuminated as part of the City’s first “Light Up Main Street” event on Nov. 9. The free event included visits with Santa, seasonal refreshments, holiday music and photo opportunities on the holiday themed Hometown Trolley.

16 Comments for Photo Gallery: Old Town Newhall Main Street Holiday Decorations
  1. The day AFTER Thanksgiving would have been a better choice!

  2. Way too early, AND< WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS< and the bill to keep the lights on?

  3. Tawn Hanson says:

    It really looks beautiful at night!

  4. Halloween’s body isn’t even cold yet. That’s downright offensive. Blasphemous even.

  5. Duane Harte says:

    When spending so much money you want to get as much out of it as possible but we haven’t got the electric bill yet.

  6. John Fortman says:

    Such a beautiful truss. Makes me want to cry.

  7. Jake Valdez says:

    Our city has the money .im glad to see there actualy using it on our community rather than spending it on hookers and coke.happy holidays!

  8. I heard it is costing our city $100,000 to put up these lights and decorations…I guess there are some sponsors helping to cover the cost, so the city itself isn’t paying that much, but still…seems like an awful lot of money for something so temporary.

  9. Tanya Parker says:

    Can we please get through thanksgiving first?

  10. Its pretty and all, but why do we have to start celebrating xmas a week after halloween? Can’t we wait til after thanksgiving? Its still time to be celebrating fall & all.

  11. Hard to get in the holiday spirit this early. Also.. it’s 84 degrees outside today.

  12. isnt this a LITTLE bit early?

  13. Catie Callaway…lol

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