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Pentagon News | Progress in Philippines; Health Advice for Runners; more

Uploaded 11/19/2013

Progress in Philippines; Health Advice for Runners; more

U.S. service members making a difference in Philippines, NATO challenges for readiness outlined and health advice for runners.

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2 Comments for Pentagon News: Progress in Philippines; Health Advice for Runners; more
  1. Nagshwar says:

    I must say, as substantially as I enyojed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a good grasp on the topic matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from far more than 1 angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so much. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just heading for a gut reaction to the topic. Think about adjusting your own believed process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Chris, I know timidity, and even had it woirkng some years ago. However the official repo support for it is really shabby, so if another web media player gets updated, MIDI stops to work etc it was just many times easier to dig out the old WinXP CD and run vbox :) This also gives the benefit of having the glorious sounds from the original Microsoft General MIDI synth.

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