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KHTS AM-1220 | November 22, 2013

Uploaded 11/22/2013

November 22, 2013

November 22, 2013

Hosts: George Cummings and T. Katz


Thresa Katz and George Cummings take you on an hour long journey through the world of art and entertainment with nationally (and sometimes internationally) known guests as well as up and coming artists and entertainers from the Santa Clarita Valley.

Thresa (“T.”) Katz is a resident of Southern California who was involved in the children’s entertainment industry, once upon a time, working on hundreds of episodes of animated television shows and has been a music and theatre instructor to hundreds of very animated children and adults over the years.

T. is a multi-platform author and storyteller is one of life’s more absorbent observers, writing a weekly column at where she serves up steeped opinions, strong — but never bitter.

She is also an actress and musician, but isn’t everyone in SoCal?

George Cummings is also the Morning Man at KHTS, hosting the Hometown Morning Show Monday through Friday from 6AM-9AM.

Along with radio, he has a performance history going back over a quarter century that includes playing in rock bands, emceeing and DJ’ing events, some film roles and over two dozen stage roles to his credit not only here in the Santa Clarita Valley, but in the greater Los Angeles area as well.

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