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Mod Pizza Moves into Santa Clarita

Mod Pizza Moves into Santa Clarita

Uploaded 12/03/2013

Story and Photos by Austin Dave

Mod Pizza, best known in the northwestern United States as a build your own pizza shop, has opened a new location in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The chain was launched in 2008 by a Seattle couple inspired by “their love of pizza and simple pleasures, and motivated by their need to feed four hungry boys,” according to a statement on their website.

The eatery’s concept is simple to its staff as its centered around one concept — BYOP, or build your own pie. Customers are greeted at the door by ‘The Mod Squad’ before making their way to the front counter.

Erected around an assembly line-based ordering style, patrons can choose from a list of 11 signature pizzas, or build their own.

Orders include options for the size and style of crust as well as a gluten-free crust option. The assembly continues with a wide array of sauce, cheese, meat, vegetable and spice choices.

The option to accompany your pizza with accessories is open to three signature salads and a custom build your own salad based on romaine or mixed greens and any choice of toppings.

Chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon and garlic knots push the food enthusiast further, as do the selection of handspun milkshakes. This photog tried the pumpkin pie milkshake which surprisingly tastes like pumpkin pie.

The chain’s Valencia location is the first in the state of California with a new location in Irvine opening in the coming months. The restaurant is located at 25910 The Old Road and features online ordering and a full menu at

15 Comments for Photo Gallery: Mod Pizza Moves into Santa Clarita
  1. Mark Raymond says:

    finding it difficult combining my job and doing the work of a mum to my children.can i get any suggestion from you?

  2. Heeyyyy!!! That sure as sugar is me!!!!

  3. We went the other night and it was delicious!!!

  4. Robin Morris says:

    It is Aileen Semenza!! We are here right now!!

  5. Aileen Semenza …that’s you!!!(??)
    Anthony DeJesus Robin Morris
    Yummy food and delicious caramel pear iced tea!!

  6. Went there tonight and it was yummy with a fun vibe.

  7. ERIC B says:

    16 pictures about a new pizza place, not one of them a decent shot of what you’ll be getting.

  8. A pizza party sounds good!

  9. Julie Carlos says:

    Tracy Aberle Hansen we kind of live on MOD pizza especially in the summer! My fav is the Ulysses (white pizza with mushrooms and a ton of different cheeses)

  10. Julie Carlos do you guys have this in WA?

  11. Nicole Kristi, let’s try this place out…

  12. Donna – on The Old Rd/Stevenson Ranch where Starbucks, Jamba Juice & near Urbane Cafe.

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