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Real Estate Beat | Brian Ends

Uploaded 12/06/2013

Brian Ends

Episode 1c

Host: Gene Bleecker

Co-Host: Don Goetling

Guest: Brian Ends

Taped: November 21, 2013

Televised:  November 27, 2013

Licensed realtor Brian talks about why it’s important to keep your condo or townhome FHA approved.

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6 Comments for Real Estate Beat: Brian Ends
  1. Lol… I’ll be sure to tune in again!!

  2. Brian Ends Brian Ends says:

    Thanks Amy… I wanted to shave, but it was Mo-vember, and I couldn’t… They asked me back next Friday, so I will for sure shave, and look good… lol

  3. Brian Ends Nice job!

  4. Brian Ends Brian Ends says:

    Oh man… It leaked! haha

  5. Tom O Tom O'Brien says:

    Very nice Brian Ends

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