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Nothing Bundt Cakes Opens New Store in Valencia

Nothing Bundt Cakes Opens New Store in Valencia

Uploaded 12/11/2013

Story and Photos by Austin Dave

Nothing Bundt Cakes, a new desert store, celebrated its grand opening with an SCV Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting Tuesday night.

Armed with more than 40 designs comprised of batter and frosting, Zach and Jennifer Zeidler bake a sweet selection of bundt cakes in a nostalgic yet playful bakery.

“We do all bundt cakes and only bundt cakes, in 10 different flavors and in four different sizes,” Jennifer said.

“Bundt cakes are traditional items, and people might associate them with their childhoods or a certain family member,” Jennifer said.

The pair often find that customers are reminded of family occasions from their childhoods, or moments when someone baked a bundt cake.

“A friend of my mom’s used to always make a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake and sprinkle it with oodles and oodles of powdered sugar and these cakes remind me of happy and fun times,” Zach said. “We’re looking to bring these sweet times to the sweet fans of the Santa Clarita Valley.”

Flavors include chocolate chocolate chip, pecan praline, lemon, white white chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, marble, red velvet, carrot, cinnamon swirl and featured flavor of the month, gingerbread.

The cakes take a sweeter twist compared to traditional cakes — they’re center gaps are filled with different types of frosting and goodies.

“We’re excited to be apart of the Santa Clarita Valley,” Zach said as Jennifer nodded.

The store is located at 24278 Valencia Boulevard near the Corner Bakery Cafe. Visit for more information.

22 Comments for Photo Gallery: Nothing Bundt Cakes Opens New Store in Valencia
  1. CHIZ says:

    I had their little lemon bundt cake, it was SO delicious!

  2. Better get it before Jan 5!

  3. We already went Heather…..on his birthday! Yum!!

  4. Omg it was SO GOOD Katie

  5. Heather, yes ma’am!!

  6. Katie Torres Bonilla is this what you got me?

  7. They’re amazing!!! Got the chocolate, chocolate with chocolate chips one today…. Yummy!!!!!

  8. My client got me one as a gift. Delish!

  9. Yum! Need to try this place

  10. Love Nothing Bundt Cakes, Welcome to SCV. Will See You Very Soon!

  11. Norma look yummy! AND its closer!

  12. Lemon and Coconut… faves! Will go and ck this new place out. Support your local businesses! Love the name!

  13. Had these in Chicago and the red velvet is amaaaaazing!

  14. Rebecca Angelotti I think we should go taste testing.. :D

  15. Linda Obacz Linda Obacz says:

    I’ll meet you there!

  16. Linda Obacz look what’s in valencia!! Patrick Mckenzie let’s go

  17. The cakes are amazing and the staff so friendly!

  18. These are the BEST! I highly recommend you try one if you haven’t already. :) Thanks for bringing your yumminess to Valencia.

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