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Michael Hoefflin Kids Celebrate with Santa

Michael Hoefflin Kids Celebrate with Santa

Uploaded 12/22/2013

Santa Claus has been a busy little elf lately. He dropped by Golden Valley High School on Sunday for a party with kids from the Michael Hoefflin Foundation who are making a stand against pediatric cancer.

Sheriff’s personnel from the Pitchess Detention Center and the SCV Sheriff’s Station helped gather toys and serve food to the crowd, which filled the school gymnasium.

Providing entertainment were Western singer-songwriter John Bergstrom and Gency Brown, while Harmonic Breeze, a bell choir from Acton, performed under the direction of Larry Rowland.

2 Comments for Photo Gallery: Michael Hoefflin Kids Celebrate with Santa
  1. Lety Garcia says:

    LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!!! It was an amazing day!

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