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Evening Collision Snarls Traffic in Newhall

Evening Collision Snarls Traffic in Newhall

Uploaded 01/03/2014

By Austin Dave
A two-car collision snarled traffic on Railroad Avenue in Newhall Friday evening. Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies shut down the street at 15th Street shortly after the SUV and pickup collided, sending large pieces of debris across the intersection.

5 Comments for Photo Gallery: Evening Collision Snarls Traffic in Newhall
  1. I got stuck in that and had to make a big loop to get to where I was going, adding nearly 20 minutes to a normally 5 minute drive to a friend’s house. :(

  2. People drive like it’s a race track on that road to see who gets to the next light first.

  3. Kathe Rich Kathe Rich says:

    Glad I missed this!

  4. Bee Knight Bee Knight says:

    People drive like untrained monkeys in Newhall. And they’re planning a roundabout?? Later, Newhall.

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