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Toppers Pizza Opens

Toppers Pizza Opens

Uploaded 01/21/2014

What was once Bob’s Big Boy, Coco’s and a host of others, is now Topper’s Pizza, which opened its doors for hungry patrons Monday.

A modern twist on old school pizza has led to the success of the family owned eatery, now venturing across Ventura County lines to the Santa Clarita Valley.

The new pizza shop is located at 23710 Valencia Boulevard.

A second location is set for Canyon Country at 18417 Soledad Canyon Road.

Visit them online at

59 Comments for Photo Gallery: Toppers Pizza Opens
  1. J Rittenberg says:

    Topper’s is coming to Canyon Country! Awesome!!

  2. No more Bobs Big Boy?

  3. Koren Young says:

    We had a great time at Toppers last night. The food was great and I really enjoyed taking the historical tour of Santa Clarita. It was fun scanning the QR codes for our history lesson!

  4. Sandra Caipo says:

    Do they deliver?

  5. Lee Blaire says:

    And that won’t last long either

  6. Lori Moreno says:

    It was really good . You can see me and ryan sitting at the table…
    Well my back. ( hot pink tank top and black tee).

  7. Hopefully it makes it for all the money they just spent rebuilding the whole spot , when there has been an empty Applebee’s across the street for two years.

  8. Do they have gluten free?

  9. We went for lunch and it was really good. The jalapeno poppers are amazing and the salad bar was very fresh and well stocked. The pizza was delicious as well.

  10. I will wait a few weeks till they get all the kinks out..We went to Lucille’s when it first open it was horrible..waited 3 months went back and it was good.. Use to love Toppers in Ventura! I hope this one is just as good

  11. Tasted like chucky cheese pizza

  12. Ryan Drake says:

    I thought it was going to be a Cheesecake Factory! :(

  13. We’re here now and it’s fresh and delicious! JalapeƱo poppers are awesome!

  14. Was there yesterday. I’m so glad that finally came out to SCV from Ventura county. The best!! Hands down.

  15. I’d rather have toppers pizza then a sad empty building. I’m looking forward to trying it!

  16. Theplace looks great and so is the food and customer service u all have to try it ! seen it is believing.

  17. I’ll stick with Chi-Chi’s, thank you very much!

  18. Will certainly try them but miss Bob’s. fun memories there.

  19. Ate there Monday food was great and served fast. I was impressed.

  20. Toppers is waaaaaay better :) super yummy

  21. John Gilbert says:

    Don’t forget to continue to support the home grown, local businesses that rode out the economic downturn, to be threatened by the newcomers who will now compete for their business now that times are better.

  22. Boooo Santa Clarita doesn’t,need Anymore pizza places.. soo stupid

  23. Is it similar to cici’s…like they have that Mac n cheese pizza and U can request anything you want?

  24. Toppers has great food!

  25. Bring back Bob’s!!!!

  26. Alisha Norby says:

    this place was great! 2 thumbs up!

  27. Erykah Groff says:

    Love this place!!! Grew up going to the one in TO

  28. Is Bob really inside??

  29. Bring back Bobs Big Boy!

  30. Toppers is by far and away the best pizza!!! Scv is in for a treat!! Enjoy!

  31. One word, Shakey’s

  32. Diff from Chi Chi”s and I’d say better!

  33. Oh shoot, why would they do such a thing?

  34. Jet Humbert says:

    Better than Chi Chi’s Pizza? IDK

  35. Sonic is nothing to get excited over. If you like thin paties, kids meal size portions (even thou your paying the prices for a regular size burger) or stale fries ect then go for it. It’s just nothing exciting. We have better burger joints already. It’s a waste. Toppers is they way to go!!! Toppers is like no where else. Perfect size portion salad and pizza and leaves just the right amount of room for a beer or a glass of wine. That’s just perfect in my opinion :)

    • Randi says:

      I agree. Went to Sonic in WI in October, nothing to write home about. The breakfast was kinda gross.

  36. Tara Magee says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this new place! Love what they did to modernize the building!

  37. Ethan Jewell says:

    Sonic is coming to scv too Zach but it will be sometime between 2015 and 2020. So… Weve got some time.

  38. Sher Stiles says:

    do they make gluten free pizza, checked their menu but nothing stated

  39. A sonic would be nice.

  40. Ayanna Ford says:

    Toppers is yummy but I’d rather have Bob’s. :-)

  41. Martha Loria says:

    Big boy was the best!!!

  42. Bob Levine says:

    Great! Now bring back Bob’s Big Boy to the Santa Clarita Valley!

  43. My family are there last night. With an admiralty under trained staff – service was FANTASTIC!! I had the Carnitas Chipotle and it was delicious!! Thera a small game area near the kitchen, (which I prefer, than some game areas that are near the doors). They have a great salad bar (no ‘all you can eat’) …. I think this will be the new hang out for post soccer & base ball games …. Lots of TV’s – a really great spot! Personally I hope they pay attention to the traffic on their FB page …. It’s FREE advertising. All in all … Go eat here!!

  44. Toppers in Simi is one of the best too! So excited we have one in SCV

  45. Andrea Jobb says:

    Now all we need is a Cheesecake Factory!!!

  46. Andrea Jobb says:

    Oh we can’t wait to try it!!!

  47. Kyle James says:

    Toppers is the best pizza! Finally, a reason to go back to SCV.

    • Randi says:

      We went yesterday, its really good( used to go in Simi and Camarillo). Very inexpensive lunch specials and very fresh salad bar. Lots of toppings too.

  48. Want to hear if its good before I try it

    • Anonymous says:

      Its really good and you cant beat 6 bucks for a salad and pizza for lunch. We went yesterday, everything was fresh and very tasty.

  49. Toppers in Channel Islands Harbor is one of the best pizzas! Great crust and a variety of sauces and toppings. Don’t get a traditional…how about a chipotle carnitas, or creamy garlic chicken….Yummm, getting hungry just thinking about it.

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