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Newhall Tresierras Supermarket Closes

Newhall Tresierras Supermarket Closes

Uploaded 01/27/2014

Photos: Austin Dave, Story: Allison Pari
[KHTS] – After more than 30 years in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Tresierras Supermarket on Main Street in Newhall has closed its doors, according to a sign posted on the front of the store.

After almost 33 years in Newhall, Tresierras Market closed Sunday night, according to Arturo Tresierras, co-owner and executive vice president of Tresierras market.

“We’re looking for a different location,” said Tresierras, who runs the location with two brothers.

“The downtown Newhall area is transitioning more to a restaurant type of area,” he said, “and supermarkets require vast parking lots and the area is no longer conducive to that.”

The square footage of the storefront was also an issue, Tresierras said.

“The area was kind of small,” Tresierras said, noting that space was less than 10,000 square feet. “Our other stores were much bigger — 25-30,000 square feet — and that’s where we’re more comfortable.”

Tresierras is actively seeking a new location, Tresierras said, adding that he was evaluating locations in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando and Conejo valleys.

Tresierras said company officials have been seeking a new location “for some time,” but they have yet to identify their next spot.

“Typically, it takes about 18 months from the moment you find the place (to the opening of the store),” Tresierras said.

The lease on the Newhall location ends in February.

“We anticipate opening a new store one per year, until we can step that up,” he added, noting the announcement of a new store location in 2014 “could be a possibility.”

The store transferred as many employees as it could to its other three locations, Tresierras said. Nine of the Newhall store’s 28 employees are now working at in either the Pacoima or Santa Paula markets, Tresierras said. The brothers’ third location is in Oxnard.

The Newhall location first opened in 1981, taking the place of Dillenbeck’s Market that had been there previously, according to

In 2005, the company attempted to expand from their 7,000-square-foot Main Street location to a 30,000-square-foot location off of Newhall Avenue, according to a 2005 interview with Executive Vice President Arturo Tresierras, conducted by Leon Worden of SCV History.

This year marks the company’s 70 anniversary, since it was founded in 1944.

164 Comments for Photo Gallery: Newhall Tresierras Supermarket Closes
  1. Rick, the reason is far more then that.

  2. Rick, the reason is far more then that.

  3. Rick Najera says:

    Can’t compete with big chain stores like Vallarta, that’s just too bad.

  4. Looks like the story in SantaClarita.

  5. What ever u do don’t shop st WALMART…NOT A GOOD OR HEALTHLY CHOICE.

  6. Q peeeena, mi tienda fAvorita y ahora donde compraras productos peruanos y las carnitas

  7. Mike Pizza says:

    Dam it! Vallarta it is

  8. That such They Had a cut of Steak that I could only Find there Maybe there Just Moving

  9. Es lamentable tanto esfuerso de parte de Arturo tresierras y de los empleados y detodas maneras cerrar y lamentable que todos los empleados estan sin trabajo

  10. OMG! Cant believe it!

  11. Luis Cruz says:

    Very sad business for such a long time are leaving Scv

  12. @ Tania, you hit it on the nail! I use to live in Culver CIty. When they decided to make Culver Center upscale they overpriced rent, electricity etc. sad. Nice mom and pops restaurants and shops had to close their doors………Also we may have alot of WALLMARTS but I dont buy my toliet paper, lotions, shampoo in Tresierras as I dont buy food at wallmart.

  13. I was one of there last customers, I was told they will not open another store. They were planning to transfer the rest if the items in the store to there there Nuys store, which would be the nearest one to us. Sad because I bought all my meat from them.

  14. Steven Tresierras is the fam ok???whats going on bro??

  15. maria says:

    it sad that this had to happend . My dad was a butcher for this location and working for the past 30 years :(

  16. 11 Albertsons by Monrovia are going out of business…who knows how many more.. so sad! More jobs lost.. couponers get clipping! Sad to say goodbye to our local stores but hello deals!

  17. Patricia Braden is right

  18. Vallarta took all the business looks like?

  19. Gina Marie says:

    Not good. Not good at all. : (

  20. Dave Hilton says:

    The city of santa clarita has had a vision for a long time. Lower income and bargain stores is not in that vision. Bigger chains and higher end supermarkets create tons of tax dollars for their cities. That is the ONLY reason you see walmarts all over the place. Cities dont give a rats ass about who it hurts. Its all about the mighty buck

  21. That really sucks!!!

  22. wal mart doesnt sell fresh carne asada, so im sure they had nothing to do with this closure, maybe vallarta did tho.

  23. Rusty Walter says:
    Check their website this family is all business and I’m sure this is a business decision , being a Latino Market it may look bad but right up Lyons Ave. Vallarta Market is doing well and before they opened a few Valencia gringos tried to stop them but it’s a pretty good place. Shoppers will dictate do or die for any store or restaurant .
    This is business…

  24. Nice time to learn they had such good carne asada. :-( Last fall I counted up the grocery stores and ads that we got, and not even sure I included this store but there were 19 other grocery stores IN Santa Clarita and St. Ranch. My question at the time was, “How can they all make it?”

  25. Few of the small boutique stores have closed or are closing. Hope they find a way to bring in some businesses so the theatre and library get some traffic.

  26. Linda Pippin says:

    I agree with one comment that stated that Old Town Newhall is being given a “face lift”. I think that really soon, most of the “Hispanic” stores will be gone. That is what someone wants.

  27. It’s the city pushing them out! The store is not in their plans! Don’t worry many people will shop Latina markets in the future you’ll see! The prices are right for the times!

  28. Ammon Kling says:

    Noooooooo where am I going to get my carne asada.

  29. Kris Kelso says:

    They slit their own throat by not moving to the location by AV Party they would have been as big as Vallarta if they did that. Businesses close because of bad business practices. Everyone here says they loved the carne asada but no one says they loved the selection or prices etc. That’s why they are closing

  30. Where am I gonna get my carne asada now?

  31. Start shopping independents or there won’t be any!

  32. SCTV.COM Dillenbecks was on Sierra Hwy. and Soledad Canyon Rd. My family shopped there in the meat dept. in the 60’s and 70’s, as far as I know it was closed and destroyed before I graduated high school in 1982. And it was located in the city of Saugus, now known as Canyon Country.

  33. The city has totally destroyed those businesses. Sad.

  34. Linda Pippin says:

    I knew that this was coming at this location.

  35. So very sad! Sick of the big chains coming in ad shutting down the mom & pop stores!

  36. 2 of the 4 Albertsons are closing .. The old Road and also the canyon county one on Sierra highway –

  37. We’ve added more info to the story:

  38. It was such a great store. Their meat department was so great. It will be missed.

  39. We have a nice commercial shopping market location available in Castaic and would love to have Tresierras move here.

  40. Jeffrey Cox says:

    The City of Santa Clarita claims another small business due to the completely ridiculous refacing of Main St. I’ve got a great idea, let’s take all of the traffic that drive by these stores on a regular basis (thus knowing about them and their existence), and let’s funnel a majority of that traffic onto a new road with hardly any businesses. Brilliant. I’ve lived in the valley for the past 20 years, and I don’t even remember the name of any business on that road or the type of service they provide.

  41. Julie Mata says:

    That was the best place for carne asada. Vallartas meat sucks.

  42. Cathy Keck says:

    Are all Albertsons closing?

  43. Oh that sucks! Best carne asada meat!

  44. Oh wow I live down the street

  45. I knew Vallarta was going to push them out of business

  46. Joe Alcarez says:

    Hope they open a Tresierras on Soledad Sierra hwy when Albertsons closes

  47. Tania Vivian says:

    All of the old businesses on Main St in Newhall are being pushed out. With the new library and Roundabout the city is making it harder and harder for the old businesses to stay. I think the idea is to make that area more upscale eventually.

  48. Mari VivRose says:

    It’s called Vallarta supermarkets

  49. No more walmarts …

  50. My bad dint pay attention lol well at least we still have the one on Lyons. Great Market !!

  51. Really the one on Lyons ??? No way !!!

  52. David, isn’t this where you used to shop for BBQ’s?

  53. Kami Weeks says:

    A sad day for Newhall. I hope they don’t close ours in Santa Paula!

  54. Artin Johnny GROSS! Just what Stevenson Ranch needs!

  55. Bill Kolb says:

    that’s where I bought my prepared masa for the tamales we made in class

  56. Artin Johnny says:

    I heard vallarta is taking over the closing albertsons on sierra highway and solidad

  57. I will miss them went to the one in pomocia sunday

  58. Jeepers creepers…..with all these supermarkets closing….dieting is going to be a cinch Alina Holguin!

  59. Say it ain’t so!!!

  60. They never opened the one down the road ..

  61. I have never heard of that supermarket

  62. Sandy Devis Holguin wow!

  63. Q bueno esa tienda siempre tenia un olor desagradable

  64. Kye Ortiz says:

    Omg no I luv the food there omg no Bueno

  65. Bree Scurti says:

    Denise Lacoste Saylor

  66. Sucks..the family that run these markets are good people.

  67. There is a 2nd Tresierras Supermarket down the street from this location…

  68. Denise Malobabic is spot on!

  69. Me too Brenda Lewis Gomez!!!! Great carne asada!!!

  70. Carlos LOVED Tresierras!

  71. It’s called WalMart. 3 in Santa Clarita.

  72. Dave Hilton says:

    Well said Wendy Darling. Worship walmart for god only knows why, then cry because they are shutting everything down in your town.

  73. I have a feeling all these stores are closing because it has to do with insurance under obamacare.

    • No, the Walton family monopoly is forcing out businesses all over California.

    • salcedo says:

      relax not everything has to do with obamacare the Vallarta location was only a few blocks away and its a bigger location and parking friendly also if you read the fine print on Obamacare certain business’s can file for exemption till 2015

    • All of the above. Been in the grocery over 25 years. Stores have been cutting back for years. Full timers are being cut back to part time. Grocery clerks having to step down to GM clerks and stores closing because of obamacare took effect in Jan. 2014. Ralph’s Alerbertson’s and Tresierra’s closing stores in Jan and Feb 2014. This has been in the planning for a while.

    • That is a pathetic excuse. We should all have access to decent wages and health insurance that we can all afford. Kevin McGroary you hit the nail on the head. Everyone on this page, that is crying about this market closing, has a hand in it by shopping at Walmart all this time.

    • Not me. Loyal Von’s shopper. What hurt traditional grocery stores Von’s, Ralph’s and Albertsons was the 5 month strike. People were forced to find somewhere else to shop. We lost a lot of customers to Walmart, Vallarta and Stater Bros. Tresierra’s was supposed to open a big brand new store a few years back on San Fernando Rd. It never happened. They have not been a strong company for awhile. Sign of the times.

    • I read another article that stated the lease was up in this location next month. Downtown Newhall is changing, geared towards restaurants. They are looking for another location. Not necessarily in the SCV.

  74. Wow I use to shop there it’s a shame it’s gone on

  75. Sad – best carne asada ever!!!!

  76. Big Brother Vallarta pushed them out realistically.

  77. Roxy Sanchez says:

    No! I loved that store

  78. Tom Lund says:

    Where’s City Council on issues such as this?

    • Danny Leon says:

      It’s the City Council that caused this, when they wouldn’t allow them to move into the new store on Newhall av….


  80. The truly sad thing is everyone in this valley rejoices every time a Walmart goes up, or a new crappy restaurant chain comes to town. The small businesses suffer, and everyone who acts like they care, are all patronizing these chain establishments. That is the reality folks!

  81. Unfortunate, Vallarcouldukd stand to learn a few things from Tresierras and their management

  82. Yup Vallarte is taking over big time.. but honestly they do have better meat quality then a lot of stores…

  83. Sad to see it go. :/

  84. I remember when Safeway was at that location before they moved out to Lyons Ave. That was about 50 years ago.

  85. Crow Catone says:

    Aww man they had the best carne asada!

  86. That sucks, they were great for Carne Asada!!

  87. The nasty orange mix in that asada bucket could probably kill cancer and fuel a funny-car. But it sure was guuuuuuud!

  88. Sad we use to shop there

  89. Tawny Vassar says:

    It is sad, but if u want a new place besides Vallarta…on Sierra hwy between soledad & Vasquez there’s a little orange building that’s a Mexican place & they sell carne asada

  90. That is some messed up crap! Been going there since I was a baby! Sad day.

  91. Mike Dill says:

    Damn, that is a shame…

  92. Makes me very sad!!!

  93. Celia Zepeda says:

    Wow …Vallarta took there business

  94. Never heard of it but sad for the family. Vallarta is where we go for pollo and carne asada.

  95. John Heys says:

    Vallartas asada sucks. Great…

  96. Is really very Sad News for all of us here in Downtown Newhall.

  97. Sean Nichols says:

    Very sad. Went to high school with a member of the Tresierras Family.

  98. Nooooooo! Where am I going to get my carne asada now!?! They had the best! :(

  99. Aww that’s so sad. :(

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