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Meadows Students Learn to Police

Meadows Students Learn to Police

Uploaded 01/30/2014

Photos: Austin Dave

Students at Meadows School in Valencia got a taste of what it takes to be a California Highway Patrol officer, Thursday.
The Meadows School Student Council organized a “Career Week” for students.
Parents volunteered to talk to students about their careers, including psychologist, nurse, police officer, paramedic fire fighter, lawyer, and computer engineer.
Officers from the California Highway Patrol explained their role in the emergency services field and share stories about experiences they’ve had.
One of the presentations was made by a Meadows mom who is a television reporter for Telemundo 52.
Students were given a video tour of a mobile production studio and participated in a role playing news production jobs.

2 Comments for Photo Gallery: Meadows Students Learn to Police
  1. Awesome. Law enforcement officers are all heroes :)

  2. Yes, yes they are!

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