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Armed Suspect Shot, Killed in Canyon Country

Armed Suspect Shot, Killed in Canyon Country

Uploaded 01/31/2014

Photos by Austin Dave and Elliott Cohen, Story by Perry Smith, KHTS

[KHTS] An armed man was shot and killed by one or more Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s deputies Thursday evening on Soledad Canyon Road near the Canyon Country Library.

No details about the suspect’s identity or the incidents leading up to the shooting were available from official sources Thursday night as the investigation continued.

Shortly after midnight Friday, officials at the SCV Sheriff’s Station confirmed that the suspect had died. They had reported earlier that no deputy was hit in the officer-involved shooting.

It’s not clear what type of weapon the suspect was carrying. Early reports indicated that that a man wielding a long metal bar approached a deputy in the 18600 block of Soledad Canyon Road around 8:22 p.m.

Then came a report from the field to the sheriff’s dispatcher: “998 … 998” (officer-involved shooting), with a “999″ in the mix (officer in distress). Then came quickly: “Suspect is down.”

Soledad Canyon Road was temporarily closed between Vilna Avenue and Sierra Highway as deputies cordoned off a wide area and questioned a number of residents in the Vilna area. Two sheriff’s helicopters hovered overhead.

Homicide detectives were called up to investigate; it’s standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting.

A woman getting gas at the corner of Soledad Canyon Road and Sierra Highway said a man who appeared to be under the influence approached her vehicle in a threatening manner while waving a 3-foot long metal bar shortly after 8 p.m., down the street from her home. She was unsure exactly what was in the man’s hand.

That incident occurred shortly after 8 p.m. near Soledad Canyon Road and Galeton, about three blocks east of the gas station, she said.

9 Comments for Photo Gallery: Armed Suspect Shot, Killed in Canyon Country
  1. K. Lynn says:

    He had PTSD. He served this country and fought to protect all of us and this is where it led him. Anyone casting judgments should be ashamed
    As much as it hurts to say this, God must have had a reason for taking him that day. I believe EVERYHING, good and bad, happens for a reason. Sometimes we just cant see that through the pain. RIP Cousin. Who knows… maybe you’re part of God’s Army now

    • Emily Ball says:

      Trust me, the redneck mentality that murdered this mentally challenged victim is pervasive throughout SCV, perhaps less so in the newer parts of Valencia.

  2. Mark Amaya says:

    They used the Taser first and did not work whatsoever he was on PCP

  3. What ever happened to taser

  4. Why was he attacking passers by?

  5. Right armed wt a unknown object!!!! My prayers for the victim and police involve too

  6. Armed with a hockey stick. A witness captured the suspect. Aired on channel 7

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