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SCV Newsmaker of the Week | Former Santa Clarita Mayor Carl Boyer

Uploaded 02/08/2014

Former Santa Clarita Mayor Carl Boyer

Episode 372 | Taped February 6, 2014 | Televised February 13, 2014

Former Santa Clarita Mayor Carl Boyer is back, and he’s got more “issues” than some of the current City Council candidates. Specifically, he wants to see (1) a directly elected mayor, for continuity; (2) district elections or numbered council seats, to reduce the influence of money on local elections; and (3) the breakup of Los Angeles County into smaller parts.

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1 Comment for SCV Newsmaker of the Week: Former Santa Clarita Mayor Carl Boyer
  1. Berta González-Harper says:

    I disagree with Mr. Boyer. As a first generation bilingual American of Hispanic ancestry, I am opposed to segregated voting districts based upon race or ethnicity denying all residents equal representation and the right to vote for all five council representatives accountable to and working for all Santa Clarita residents.

    Voting districts will irreparably harm all residents, including minority voters, pitting districts against each another for coveted taxpayer dollars and placing less affluent communities at a distinct disadvantage.

    I would be happy to debate Mr. Boyer or anyone else on this issue.

    Moreover, on a personal note, I am very tired of folks who say they have “our” best interests at heart but never bother to ask our opinion. Please do not “help” me anymore; I am capable of speaking for myself.

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