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Ceramic Artist Studio Opens in Newhall

Ceramic Artist Studio Opens in Newhall

Uploaded 02/10/2014

Ceramic Artist Studio Inc. (CASI) moved into a new home Friday at the corner of Railroad Avenue and 6th Street in Newhall. Well-wishers had a chance to tour the studio, see a live potter’s wheel demonstration, enjoy refreshments and live music, and enroll in pottery classes.

The locally owned and operated studio fills more than 2,000 square feet of space with eight state-of-the-art potter’s wheels, two large kilns, top-notch supplies and brightly lit working areas. An art gallery and several ceramics sales each year are planned.

The experienced and talented instructors bring an array of skills to share with adult and teen classes each week; for ceramic artists who can work independently, memberships provide full use of the facilities and kiln firings.


3 Comments for Photo Gallery: Ceramic Artist Studio Opens in Newhall
  1. Bobbi Jean Bell says:

    Welcome to the newest business in the Arts and Entertainment area of Old Town Newhall and our neighbors! What a wonderful opportunity to explore the art of pottery – whether you are an artist or collector – this will be the new “happening” place!

  2. Oh what a great shot. Thank you so much for posting this captured moment of such a special evening.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see there are more photos and a write up! I’m honored, thank you. Classes still available.

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