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“Power Fire” in San Francisquito Canyon Chars Two Acres After Collision

“Power Fire” in San Francisquito Canyon Chars Two Acres After Collision

Uploaded 02/17/2014

Photos by Jason Brice, John Kennedy and Austin Dave
Story by Perry Smith and Leon Worden

[KHTS, SCVTV] A vehicle went over the side of San Francisquito Canyon Road on Monday at about 10:35 a.m. just south of the historic St. Francis Dam site and north of LADWP Powerhouse 2, roughly 7 miles north of Copper Hill Drive in Saugus.

The vehicle burst into flames and sparked a brush fire. At 11:10 a.m. it looked like fire fighters would be able to hold the blaze to a little over 2 acres. As of 11:15 a.m., San Francisquito was closed in both directions from Stator Lane to Camp 14. Knockdown of the fire was called at 11:18 a.m.

The fire was reported near Powerhouse 2, which was not far from a fire that started last year and torched 47.3 square miles of wild lands, destroying dozens of homes.

“That was a concern and that’s why they got on it very quickly,” said Supervisor Cheryl Sims of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Winds moving about 15 mph southeast may keep smoke blowing in the area for residents temporarily.

Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters are on scene to assist a 2-acre fire that was reported at Powerhouse and San Francisquito Canyon Road.

All aerial units were made available and U.S Forest Service officials worked closely with Angeles National Forest to get the incident under control quickly.

Fire officials are assisting U.S. Forest Service officials because the fire is in their area. County fire reported being dispatched at 10:39 a.m.

The location of the fire is in the Angeles National Forest.

Here is what the place used to look like:

31 Comments for Photo Gallery: “Power Fire” in San Francisquito Canyon Chars Two Acres After Collision
  1. People and their stupid comments… So righteous that u actually open your mouth and blame the victim before you have a clue. That area is dangerous, where fluke crazy accidents happen a lot.. Ya, and some careless ones.. But wow you shouldn’t be so heartless and uninformed before commenting.. Thankfully/hopefully he is indeed ok

  2. Thank you Victoria for sharing the driver is ok..

  3. Berlina says:

    Thank you everyone for updating the story in the comments. My neighbor was the third person on the scene and stayed until fire got there. He was asking me for updates/condition of driver. I wouldn’t know if all y’all hadn’t commented.

  4. People need to slow down in my canyon this happens way to often

  5. I also heard the driver is ok.. Linda Winkler fire captain for forestry service posted about it

  6. Linda said 1 lane was open about an hour ago

  7. Denise Pugh Denise Pugh says:

    Is the road open now?

  8. That’s my biggest fear Nic! Tire blow out!!

  9. Nic Miller Nic Miller says:

    Wasn’t speeding Debra, tire blew out and lost control

  10. How about the driver and was there any passengers??

  11. People continue to drive carelessly on San Francisquito and this is the result.

  12. Debra Green Debra Green says:

    If they were not driving so fast they wouldnt crash !! Its that easy

  13. Matthew – another crash in San Fran

  14. How is the driver and any passengers?

  15. Praying all is well and that no one seriously got hurt!

  16. Someone please post when the road is open.

  17. I live not far from the fire and have lots if animals is it coming south towards scv or north towards green valley. People need to drive safer and slow down

  18. That’s right by Leo

  19. Way to fast! My family lives on San Fran. the vehicles go about 60-70 on a 35 mph road!!!

  20. Knockdown called 11:18am … updates if you follow the link above

  21. 3rd car over the side on San Fran in last couple of months!

  22. Jason Brice Jason Brice says:

    I think they have it under control. Super Scoopers and Helicopters hitting it. A lot of fire engines responded. My hats off to the Fire Department. I saw one man being tended too. I don’t know the extent of his injuries.

  23. Debra Green Debra Green says:

    PLEASE SLOW DOWN !! I live in Green valley .. I cant believe how FAST AND DANGEROUS people drive on our canyon

  24. Drake Monast Drake Monast says:

    is the brush fire out yet?

  25. Nic Miller Nic Miller says:

    And condition of the occupants?

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