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Newhall Elementary Students Plant, Harvest School Garden

Newhall Elementary Students Plant, Harvest School Garden

Uploaded 02/18/2014

Photos: Newhall School District
Kindergarten students at Newhall Elementary planted and harvested their crops in school’s garden. They harvested lettuce, radishes, and carrots to make a yummy salad. Carole Mireles, a master gardner, enjoys teaching students about growing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

11 Comments for Photo Gallery: Newhall Elementary Students Plant, Harvest School Garden
  1. Kim Solomon Kim Solomon says:

    Awesome. Great idea for schools.

  2. Your right v.v I’m sorry I had a bad day

  3. EVERY school at every level should have a garden. a vegetable garden. it is so Rewarding to plant a seed and watch it grow and eat what you harvest. <3

  4. How about teach them new languages -.-

  5. We do this in my home preschool/child care every year. The children love seeing the plants grow and heading out to the backyard for yummy strawberries or green beans or cherry tomatoes or…….

  6. Ronie Rowsey Ronie Rowsey says:

    I would love to see that in every school.

  7. Wow! That’s awesome, wish we had this at my school in Portland, Oregon when I was growing up.

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