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SCV Today | SCV Today March 5, 2014

Uploaded 03/05/2014

SCV Today March 5, 2014

Ellen Como is here with her BalaCore system.  You’ll see what Hollywood’s hottest bodies are so crazy about.

Mike Bjorkman from HomeSmart Santa Clarita explains the difference between and listing agent and a buyers agent.

Joe Messina has brought us the weeks craziest stories.


21 Comments for SCV Today: SCV Today March 5, 2014
  1. Super strange picture!!

  2. Nicole Galdi Nicole Galdi says:

    I bet there swingers…….

  3. lol good job buddy!

  4. Lee Morrell Lee Morrell says:

    Puts the “awk” in awkward…

  5. Yikes! Terrible pic lmao!

  6. Mary Gregory Mary Gregory says:

    Photo is a bit creepy

  7. Who thought this was a good idea? Lmao.

  8. Who let this picture actually be posted???

  9. glad I’m not the only one who thought the photo was weird.

  10. Ummm….this is pic is kinda weird.

  11. Ya and I bet it’s a Big Secret !!!

  12. WTF with this picture

  13. I can’t get over this picture. Is this an ad for Amtrak

  14. I guess it answers the question: Who’s the giver and who’s the taker?

  15. This pic. Is very creepy looking

  16. Josh Telles Josh Telles says:

    This is an incredibly awkward and unusual photo.

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