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Around Town | Los Angeles County Air Show Features Blue Angels

Uploaded 03/24/2014

Los Angeles County Air Show Features Blue Angels

Video Courtesy News Source LA

Thousands attended the inaugural Los Angeles County Air Show in Lancaster this weekend.  The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, took to the skies above William J. Fox Airfield in their first air show of 2014.

“The Blue Angels are more than just the iconic blue and gold airplanes you see in pictures and video,” said Dennis Dunbar, director of the Los Angeles County Air Show.

“They are representatives of the excellence and professionalism found throughout the fleet. Each member exemplifies integrity, unselfish service and commitment in all efforts —true role models and heroes for today’s youth to look up to.”

The demonstration also included a performance by their Lockheed C-130 support aircraft, affectionately known as ‘Fat Albert’, the Red Bull Air Force Wingsuit Flyers and a reenactment of a Korean War dogfight.

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2 Comments for Around Town: Los Angeles County Air Show Features Blue Angels
  1. Once upon a time…while boating on the severn river…right @ the annapolis naval academy…the blue angels were practicing on the severn…our engine died…we were dead in the water…they werent way up in the sky…they were just above the building lines…we were up close and personal in a way few people ever experience…a sight sound and thunderous vibration I shall never ever forget…

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