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Around Town | Students Cut Hiking Trails for Summer Job

Uploaded 06/18/2014

Students Cut Hiking Trails for Summer Job

The Hart Trails Program teamed up with the U.S. Forest Service and the City of Santa Clarita to clear local trails and give students the opportunity to join the workforce.

The two-week program hired a select group of 14 students from the Hart School District for a 60-hour paid summer work experience.

For many students this is their first experience of going through an interview process, getting hired and having a job.

“This is a program that prepares students through the Hart School District for entering the workforce,” said trail assistant, Elaine Bingham. “For many students this is the first time they have ever had a job.”

Quigley Canyon was the first stop on the groups list of projects they have planned for the summer.

Trail Boss Kevin Sarkissian and assistant trail boss Elaine Bingham went over safety guidelines and equipment procedures.

“Its a great program,” said Sarkissian. “I think you can ask any student who has been through this, they finish the two weeks and they are a changed person.”

The group will also be clearing a trail near Mt. Wilson and then returning to the city to make a new trail near Hart High School.

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9 Comments for Around Town : Students Cut Hiking Trails for Summer Job
  1. Rafael Banuelos says:

    I would love to work there

  2. Alan Bingham Alan Bingham says:

    Good job Kevin & Elaine

  3. And then later these kids can participate in other SCV cultural pastimes, such as being ticketed for curfew or loitering on these same trails.

  4. Kevin did this with kids years ago, kids who has challenging childhoods and they all really had such a sense of gratification afterwards. Some still talk about it as being the hardest thing they ever did, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

  5. Are these high school students?

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