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Around Town | Agua Dulce Snake Guy Slithers to the Rescue

Uploaded 07/07/2014

Agua Dulce Snake Guy Slithers to the Rescue

Video by Halie Cook

Bruce Freeman, the “snake guy” of Agua Dulce, once made his living as a savvy financial advisor. Now he wrangles snakes. After retiring from a successful career, Freeman┬áset out to help save people from snakes – and snakes from people.

Whether it is venomous or non-venemous Freeman is always on call to remove snakes from peoples homes. He also works as a safety presenter for local companies and schools focusing on how to take the necessary precautions to avoid being bitten.

Freeman keeps a few non-venemous snakes that he has rescued over the years.

“My granddaughter loves them,” Freeman said. ” She sits with the python in her lap and watches t.v. every time she comes over.”

Many people have a fear of snakes but according to  Freeman people have nothing to fear.


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5 Comments for Agua Dulce Snake Guy Slithers to the Rescue: Agua Dulce Snake Guy Slithers to the Rescue
  1. Joy Brutto Joy Brutto says:

    You are missed here.

  2. Bryan Dover Bryan Dover says:

    I have seen two snakes killed at Central Park. It would be nice to see them relocated instead of thrashed with a shovel. Can someone share his contact info. PM works if you don’t want to post it.

  3. Bruce is awesome! We called him for a baby rattler and he told us what to do till he got here. Safety is his first priority! We call him the “Rattle Snake Cowboy”!

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