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SCV Chamber of Commerce | 4th Annual Patriots Luncheon

Uploaded 07/17/2014

4th Annual Patriots Luncheon

The SCV Chamber of Commerce held its 4th Annual Patriots Luncheon at the Hyatt Valencia on Thursday, July 11, 2014.

They honored the following local SCV veterans:

Rex Gribble – U.S. Army – World War II

Lee M. Shulman – U.S. Army

Air Corps -World War II

Tom Tucker – U.S. Navy – World War II

Donald L. Like – U.S. Army – Korea

Fred Gesin – U.S. Army – Vietnam

Bill Reynolds – U.S. Army – Vietnam

J.D. Kennedy – USMC – Operation Iraqi Freedom

Janelle Percy – United States Air Force – Afghanistan

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2 Comments for SCV Chamber of Commerce: 4th Annual Patriots Luncheon
  1. Randy Moberg says:

    Really great event guys. Thank you all for putting it together.


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