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Around Town | Demi Trepanier – No Ordinary California Girl

Uploaded 07/22/2014

Demi Trepanier – No Ordinary California Girl

By Halie Cook

At first glance, 12-year-old Demi Trepanier looks like any other California girl. After talking to her for a few minutes you will come to realize you are speaking to someone who has an assortment of hobbies and interests.

Not only is she a surfer, snowboarder and trapeze enthusiast, Demi is a rodeo competitor and one of the youngest equestrian trick riders in the country.

Demi has lived on the 5-acre Agua Dulce ranch she’s called home since birth.   It was there, at the age of four, where she first started riding horses.

“We have a paint horse that used to be a stallion that was gentle enough for kids to ride,” Trepanier said. “The first time I loped I remember yelling ‘look at me mom!'”

Demi is involved in junior rodeo and competes in almost every event girls are allowed to compete in.

“I do barrel racing, goat tying, pole bending, ribbon roping and breakaway roping,” said Trepanier.

Outside of the rodeo arena, she is part of the Griffith Family Trick Riders group which has the youngest and most accomplished trick riders in the country.


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3 Comments for Demi Trepanier: Demi Trepanier – No Ordinary California Girl
  1. Joe From Arlington, TX says:

    You & the boys did such a great job on AGT. It’s amazing the things folks like yourself can do while riding on a horse at high speeds. keep up the good work & glad you find something that you enjoy & can excel in doing. You are ahead of most kids your age in that area.

  2. This is a really hard sport, my daughter also was riding horses. But her interest and our ability to continue with it was not there. Very nice riding Demi.

  3. Alicia Ellen Alicia Ellen says:

    Yippie..that’s my friends daughter:)

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