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This Week in Santa Clarita: New Volunteer Orientation Video

Uploaded 08/13/2014

New Volunteer Orientation Video

Are you interested in volunteering for one of the City’s many events, programs and happenings? Now, residents can watch this quick, convenient volunteer orientation video directly from their computers, smartphone or tablet before embarking on their volunteer adventure.

Volunteers are superstars in the City of Santa Clarita. Without their time and talent, many of the City’s most popular events and enriching community programs wouldn’t be possible. To view a list of currently available volunteer opportunities, visit .


Watch this video on YouTube here.

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2 Comments for This Week in Santa Clarita: New Volunteer Orientation Video
  1. Parents should create an account for themselves at and add youth volunteers to that account. You can view all of the volunteer opportunities (and age requirements) from the website.

  2. Can kids also volunteer?

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