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Agua Dulce Country Fair & Parade (100+ Photos)

Agua Dulce Country Fair & Parade (100+ Photos)

Uploaded 09/21/2014

About the whole town of Agua Dulce – and then some – turned out Saturday afternoon and evening for the Agua Dulce Country Fair and Parade. Hosted by the Agua Dulce Women’s Club, the event was full of fun for all ages with plenty of food, music, games and contests including a cake walk (win a home-baked cake) and a chicken splat (if the chicken “goes” on your square, you win).

3 Comments for Agua Dulce Country Fair & Parade: Agua Dulce Country Fair & Parade (100+ Photos)
  1. Mary Nores says:

    Thank you for the coverage- The Fair and Parade was hosted by The Agua Dulce Women’s Club, Agua Dulce Civic Association, Agua Dulce Royal Court and Agua Dulce Boy Scout Troop 51 along with many community Fair & Parade Committee member volunteers. Thank you everyone for your support at this event!

  2. Stephen K. Peeples says:

    Choice moments and visuals, Leon. Must have been great fun to shoot!

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