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Uploaded 11/17/2014


November 17, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina

Guests: SCVi Charter School/iLead Schools Facilitators

On today’s show Host Alex Urbina sits down with SCVI Charter School/ilead Schools facilitators and talks about gratitude and how SCVi is incorporating that into their curriculum and how they differ from other schools.

We want to discuss gratitude and what does it mean to you, Alex said.

We are extremely grateful for our kids and parents, a facilitator said. Grateful for giving us a chance to lead their kids at our school and make a difference.

I am grateful for working in a place that accepts my ideas, a facilitator said. Having the acceptance to go off the beaten path and being able to work directly with the kids the way I want.

You will not hear, “that is not your job,” so it is really a neat place to work.

“I can see why this is a great place to work,” Alex said. “HOwever what is the essence of gratitude for you”

For me it is more about recognizing the gifts/values that are presented to you. What is the goodness in my life.

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